15 New Features of IOS 13 You Should Need to Know and Use

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So after waiting a long, Finally Apple has release the IOS 13 for Public use. It releases with different exiting features. The features are awesome and give a bold look to your iPhone, Like the dark mode. Apple has made a huge change in Dark Mode Interface and colours. IOS 13 has some hidden features too. Such as to download large applications on Mobile data. So, It is good to update your device to IOS 13. Here I am going to discuss about 15 Hidden features of IOS 13


 1. Easily switch Bluetooth and Wifi Connections – Now you can easily choose wifi and Bluetooth connections right from the Control Centre. Just Swipe up Control Centre, Tap and hold wifi or Bluetooth icon to pop up the list of connections. You can quickly select connections without going to settings. 


2. Download Large Applications on Mobile Data – IOS 12 does not allow to download large apps on mobile data but IOS 13 does. To download large apps on mobile date simple Go To Settings > Itunes & App Store > and in the Cellular Data section tap on the App Downloads. Now select Always allow to download large apps on mobile data. 


3. Silence or Block Unknown Calls– This feature allows you to block or silence unknown calls that you don’t want to receive or that are not in your Contact. To turn on this feature, simply Go To Setting > Phone > and enable Silence Unknown Calls.

4. Delete Applications Directly from App Store – Now it easy to delete App in iPhone. You can now delete an app directly from the App store rather than searching for it through multiple home screen pages. To delete an app directly from App Store Go To App store > Tap on your Profile Icon > then scroll down for Update section > Find the app you want to delete and swipe left and Delete it.

5. Use a Mouse with an iPhone or iPad – Now you can use Bluetooth mouse with an iPhone or iPad. You just need a Bluetooth mouse without a dongle. To connect a Bluetooth mouse Go To Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch > Devices > Bluetooth Devices and connect your Bluetooth Mouse.

6. Safari Download Manager – The most awaited feature for all iPhone, iPad users, Safari download manager. In IOS 13, you can download anything in safari. You can download Mp3 songs, Files, Docs or any type of file and transfer to any App. You can change the download location. To do that, Go To Settings > Safari > Downloads > and choose a destination to download files.


7. Lyrics Synced With songs on Apple Music – If you use Apple Music, Play any song and tap the player to make it full-screen. Now tap the Lyrics icon on the bottom-left. This will Play the lyrics and sync with the song. It’s amazing.


8. Optimised Battery Charged – Battery is now optimized by default. You can see in the settings > Battery > Battery Health > that optimized battery charging is enabled default. This reduces battery ageing as your IOS device will learn your charging routine and finish charging beyond 80 per cent only when you need it.


9. Add People to Folders in Notes – Now you can add people to folders created in Notes. To add people, Open notes and tap the Three Dots icon on the top-right corner, then tap select notes. Now select notes you want to move in the folder. Create a New folder and move notes into it. Now open the folder, tap on three dots and tap on Add People. From there you can share notes with whoever you want to share.


10. Emoji Button On Keyboard – Now there is a dedicated Emoji button on the keyboard. Now you can easily use and send emoji right from the keyboard.

11. Low Data Mode Feature – There is a new feature called Low Data Mode which helps apps to reduce their mobile data usage. To enable it Go To Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options.

12. Create Folder in Your Device Storage – With IOS 13, You can create a folder on iPhone storage. To create a folder you will need access on “On My iPhone”. Just tap and hold any space and tap New Folder.

13. Location Privacy Settings – This feature will allow you to use a new option called Ask Next Time. In case you are not ready to disable location access for any app permanently you can use this option.


 14. Ps4 and Xbox one Controller support – Now you can connect PS4 and Xbox controller with your iPhone or iPad. You can play games that support the controller. There are lots of game that support PS4 and Xbox controller.


15. Bluetooth Privacy Settings – There is a new menu in the Privacy called Bluetooth. This is to highlight apps that use Bluetooth for anything. You can disable or enable Bluetooth access for apps that don’t need it.


So, these are 15 features in New IOS 13 which gives a new look to your iPhone or iPad. The most lovable feature for me is zoom in or out Photos in Photos section. It’s cool. There are other features too which I did not mention or unable to find, but you can search it on google.com. or wait for me to update. For more details you can check the Apple official Website.
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