How to fix iPhone boot loop and other iPhone related errors?

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The owners of iPhone have been complaining about different errors and issues related to power, update and restore. Several times, people get an error when they try to update or restore iPhone or update through iTunes. Some users complaints on website and forums that they are facing some series problem named an apple stuck in boot loop. This means iPhone keeps rebooting and can’t get past the apple logo. This partially happens when you jailbreak your device or there is an unfinished update or restore. But mostly this error occurs when you install an unstable tweak in iPhone. If you are facing the same problem then try below steps to solve out the problem:

iPhone in boot loop

Step 1: Try to reboot your device by holding both the home button and lock button. If it does not work then you need to totally restore your iPhone by using PC or Mac through iTunes.

Step 2: Turn off your device and then connect with PC or Mac. Make sure to update iTunes to its latest version.

Step 3: Put your device in recovery mode. To do that, press and hold both home and lock button when you connected your iPhone with PC or Mac.

Step 4: When you see the apple logo, release the lock button but keep holding the home button pressed.

Step 5: When iTunes logo with charging cable appear on the screen, release the home button.

iPhone Recovery Mode

Step 6: Now you can restore your iPhone easily.

If these step does not work, then use DFU mode method. Using iPhone DFU mode can solve this problem. To get solve boot loop problem, put your iPhone in DFU mode, use original cable and update or restore it by using PC or Mac. Follow below steps to get rid of from iPhone boot loop:


Step 1: Turn off your device.

Step 2: Connect with PC or Mac and open the iTunes.

Step 3: Now, connect your device with PC or Mac.

Step 4: Now press and hold both power and home button for 10 seconds. When you see apple logo release the Lock button but keep holding the home button pressed.

Step 6: If the screen remains black, then it means your iPhone is in DFU mode and now you can restore easily.

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