New Ios 15.3.1 Released For iPhone and iPad – What’s New?

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Apple just released a new version of iOS 15 that is iOS 15.3.1update which is compatible with iPhone 6s and above models. Compared to Ios 15.3, In ios 15.3.1 we got a small upgrade with an important bug fix and security patch to iPhone owners. Below is a detailed review and features of the new Ios 15.3.1.

How much size of Ios 15.3.1

The size of this update depends on what Ios version are you using on your iPhone. If you are currently using iOS 15.3 then you will see the smallest iOS 15.3.1 download size.

For users that are currently using ios 15.3, the Ios 15.3.1 download is fairly small. Ios 15.3.1 is around 242 MB in size for iPhone12 pro users. For iPhone 11, the download size of iOS 15.3.1 is fairly small. For iPad users, the download size of Ios 15.3.1 is 717 MB which is more than iPhone 12 pro. For me, the download size of the new iOS 15.3.1 is 880 MB. I’m currently using iOS 15.2.1.

The update size of Ios 15.3.1 depends on your iPhone model and version of iOS. If your iPhone or iPad is running on older version of Ios, then you will see a larger download.

If you are updating from Ios 15.3, then the download process will take less than 10 minutes. The installation process will take seven-minute to install the new Ios 15.3.1.

Below is iOS 15.3.1 Performance

  • Now wifi connectivity Is reliable and fast.
  • Cellular data is stable and working normally.
  • Battery life is currently the same.
  • Bluetooth working normally.
  • Apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotstar is working properly at the moment.
  • Apps like Safari, photos, the camera are working fine.
  • The speed of Ios 15.3.1 is the same as Ios 15.3.

So, if you facing a problem or performance issue in an older version of iOS, then you should install the new Ios 15.3.1.

Ios 15.3.1 Bugs and Problems

The new Ios 15.3.1 update is causing performance issues for some iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 users. Some performance issues are new and some are carried from ios 15.3 and older versions.

The current performance issue includes UI lag, issues with first and third party apps, touchscreen issues, issues with face ID and battery drain issues. If you face problems or performance issues, then you can read these tips to improve your iPhone performance.

New Ios 15.3.1 Features

The new Ios 15.3.1 update does not have any new features. But it includes some bug fixes and security patches.
Below is the full IOS 15.3.1 change log:

Fixes an issue that may cause Braille displays to stop responding.

Storage setting is now loading much faster.

More battery usage while listening to music is now fixed.

So that’s it. These are some features you will see in the new iOS 15.3.1. Also, this new iOS 15.3.1 update comes with a security patch which you can check on Apple Security site.

What After Ios 15.3.1

Apple’s confirmed that a new version of Ios 15 is currently in beta testing. The beta ios 15.4 is in testing and will be publicly released. The company has not confirmed a specific date but it should be dropped in March.

Apart from this, if you have downloaded the new Ios 15.3.1 update and facing performance issues and want to try new features, you can download and install the Ios 15.4 beta right now. To install the beta profile, check this video.

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