Steps For IOS Application Development

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As a developer, you have to think different to build an awesome and attractive application. In this date and age, competition is high and every developer wants its application on the top of the search. So to make an attractive and hybrid IOS application you should follow below steps:

Step 1: The first step is to select an idea for your application. Choose what type of application you want to build. You want to build a game, music app, social app or location-based app. You can search on google for more application ideas. But always select that which is close to your heart or the idea you are passionate about.

Step 2: Plan a design for your application. This is the most important part of IOS Application development. Because application design describes what is an application for. Select or create a design that will easy to use or understand by the user. The best way to select your design is to use other developer apps and find errors or improvements in it. By doing this, you will able to select a perfect design for your application. For better design, you should have to keep in mind that:

1- You should choose perfect and good looking screen design for your application. Create a screen design that will be based on your application. Don’t make a complicated screen design. Because you are going to develop a simple and easy application for customers or users. So, it is important to have a simple and understandable screen design.

2- You should write a unique and quality content for your Application. It is also the most important part of IOS Application Development. A better and unique content will make more users or customers to use your application.

3- Monetization your app by using Google AdMob. This will serve your application ads on the internet. In this way, you can earn money.

Step 4: Buy a Mac for IOS Application development. If you can’t buy Mac, then make sure you have highly spec Window PC.

Step 5: The important steps after application build is to create an IOS developer account. In developer account, you can publish and teat your IOS Application on the actual mobile device. You will also need a copy of XCode. For a copy of an XCode, find a information on your IOS Developer account.

Step 6: The hardest step is to build an IOS Application by using Objective- c programming. If you are new to IOS Application development then you can take help from and Youtube. You have to be sure that program you are going to create will be bug-free or error-free.  If you want to build an IOS Application by yourself then you can get help form iosesolution website.

Step 7: After building the IOS Application its time to test it on a real device. It is very important to test the application to make sure it will be error-free and work properly. You can use IOS emulator to test your application.

Step 8: After testing your application or making sure that there is no bug or error in IOS application, you can now submit it on the app store for approval. By submitting, it will allow your application to be shown on iTunes or downloaded by the public.

Step 9: The last part is the maintenance. After getting approval from the app store of your application. Your application will now be downloaded by the public for use. You will start earning money when someone downloads and uses your application. But for better support and reviews it is important to update your application to support the latest IOS version and development updates.

This is it, You will be start earning money if you build an IOS application by following all these above steps.

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