What is the New Apple RealityOS Technology?

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Apple could be announced a mixed reality headset soon. Apple has been working on this operating system for the past years. RealityOS Technology is the new way to view the world. It will allow users to see the world in a whole new way with the use of AR(Augmented Reality).

What is Apple’s RealityOS?

RealityOS is a rumored operating system that may be used in Apple’s AR headset. Rumor says a consumer product manager named Parker Ortolani was the one who saw it first. He tweet on Twitter and said the trademark have been filled by an unknown company called Realityo Systems LLC in December 2021 under “peripherals, software, and wearable computer hardware categories.” But there is no information about this company online.

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According to Parker Ortolani, This company may be created by Apple and kept secret. In a Tweet, he writes four points to support his claim. This year, Github and App Store uploaded logs that revealed Apple source code references “realityOS”, which could be potential VR/AR headsets. So the question is “What is Apple’s realityOS doing in the App store upload logs”. The iOS developer Rens Verhoeven tweeted this question on Twitter.

The existence of this RealityOS for Apple’s AR headset was first announced n 2017 by Bloomberg. In the recent Bloomberg report, the Cupertino giant has showcased the headset to its board members. However, the rumor from Bloomberg explains that the AR Headset could be delayed until 2023 due to issues like overheating.

Currently, no one is sure if Apple could release its VR/AR at the WWDC 2022. Maybe Apple will give early access to RealityOS or AR/VR to their developers before the headset comes out. This is not the first time Apple’s AR/VR plan has been rumored. This plan was rumored in 2017 when Apple purchased a VR company VRvana. As per the rumor in 2019, mixed AR/VR headsets would come in 2022, with AR glasses arriving by 2023. However, nothing can be sure that Apple will launch AR/VR headsets in 2022.

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