New Features Apple will Lunch in New Ios 15 – Features and Release Date

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In June 2021 Apple introduced the all-new Ios 15 which will be released hopefully at the end of this year. But if you want to experience Ios earlier from its public release then you can download the beta profile the is available on The beta profile will be available next month and can be used in 6s and later. The new operating system ios 15 includes new features for notifications, safari, weather, face time calls, privacy, and much more. So without wasting time, let’s talk about the best features that will make your iPhone or device more powerful.

1. Redesigned Notifications

Apple will bring all new notifications design in ios 15. In iOS 15 notifications have been redesigned and now you will photos of people when receiving a message. In ios 14 there are only message notifications without an Image of a person. But in ios 15 you can easily identify from whom you are receiving messages. In iOS 15 devices intelligence has been increased which will arrange notifications by priority, with the most relevant notifications rising to the top, and based on a user’s interactions with apps. Urgent messages will be shown first, so important communications will not end up in the summary.

iOS 15 Notifications Vs iOS 14 Notifications

As you can see in the images, iOS 15 notifications has some new message that are shown with images where in iOS 14 the messages are shown without images. So this will bring some amazing and attractive look in ios 15 redesigned notifications.

2. Live Text, Advanced spotlight search, and More

Live test is used to recognize text in a photo and allow users to take action. It means you can now copy text from a photo or a textbook using a camera app. For example, If you are in a restaurant and you can want to use restaurant wifi. With the help of Live text, you can easily capture a wifi password using the iPhone camera app and copy the text at the moment. No need to type a wifi password. Just open your camera app and copy the text.

Live Text and Spotlight Search – Image is taken from Apple Official website.

Spotlight now more enhanced and search for photos by location, people, objects or scenes. Using Live Text you can find text and handwriting in photos. Contact results in the spotlight show recently shared photos, conversations, and even locations of the contact if shared through finding my iPhone.

3. Redesigned Safari

Safari gets redesigned that makes controls easier to reach with one hand. The new tab bar in the safari is lightweight and compact, easy to use and user can easily swipe between tabs. Now web extensions are available in new safari which make safari more powerful and personal. Groups tab help users to save tabs and easily access them at any time across other devices.

Redesigned Safari – Image is taken from Apple Official Website.

4. All New Privacy Features

The main aim of Apple is to provide more privacy to users when they use iPhone or explore different web contents. In ios 15, you will get more privacy features which protect your information. All speck recognition features like siri requests is now processed entirely on iPhone by default and which results in performance boost. While reciving mail IP addresses hides in ios 15 so that senders can’t learn about user location or use it to build a profile of them. With app privacy reports feature, you can get overview how apps use the access that has been granted to location, camera, photos and contact, and which other domains are contacted.

New Privacy Features – Image is taken from Apple official website

5. Redesigned Weather App

Now weather app gives a more graphical display when displaying weather data. The new weather app will now display full-screen maps and dynamic layouts that changed weather conditions. With redesigned weather animated backgrounds now accurately reflect the sun’s position and notifications highlight when rain or snow starts and stops.

Redesigned weather App – Image taken from Apple official website

6. New Redesigned Notes App

Now notes add user-created tags that make it easy to quickly categorize notes and now you can mention other members or contact in the contact. In this way, you can notify other members of important updates.

Redesigned Notes App – Image is taken from Apple official website

There are other new features coming in iOS 15 like iCoud+, the Health App, Homekit, Translate, New iPhone set up, and much more. iCloud+ will come with premium features, including hiding my email, new internet privacy services, and homekit secure video support at no additional cost. HomeKit accessory makers can now use “Hey Siri” in their products. This will allow users to talk and get responses from Siri on third-party devices. There are many other features that will amaze us when the new iOS 15 release publically. For other information, you can check Apple’s official website.

Release Date: During the Apple WWDC 2021 (event 7 June), the new iOS 15 will be publicly released in September 2021 and will be available on devices above 6s.

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