Apple Macos 10.15 Release Date And Features

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macOS Mojave has been one of the best apple operating systems for the last few months. We have seen dark mode and creative tools which improve every aspect of macOS. But with every update, Apple brings some new features and tools which leave us wondering that what macOS 10.15 looks like? Or what feature will apple release in this new update?

Every year Apple gives us a new update which brings some new features and tools in macOS. But If talk about macOS 10.15, Apple has not given us any hint about what macOS 10.15 look like or what we can expect. Also, we have not seen any official word from Apple. But Sits rumors that Apple will announce macOS 10.15 update in June 2019 and it will be available to download in September.

Until that we are going to make some educated guesses based on past macOS releases, as well as create a sort list of the wish list of things that we would like to see in apple’s next macOS update.

What is the release date of macOS 10.15?

macOS 10.15 release date is easier to guess because every time Apple has announced the new macOS updates in June at WWDC and released at the end of September. So, we have no doubt that Apple will release the new macOS 10.15 at the end of September and we will see the announcement of the next macOS version in WWDC 2019. The new macOS 10.15 will be announced near June 3 2019 at WWDC 2019.

WWDC 2019

What will be the name of the new macOS version?

Apple always has given catchy names to macOS versions or updates such as Leopard, Sierra, and Lion. They will have something different name for this macOS update. Apple may make minor improvements to Mojave and change its name to something different or tweak the name as it did from leopard to snow leopard or sierra to high sierra. Let’s see what Apple will announce in June or what it brings new to macOS 10.15.


macOS 10.15 Compatibility

In the earlier version of macOS such as macOS 10.14 Mojave you will need the following macs:

  • MacBook 2015 or Newer
  • MacBook Air 2012 or Newer
  • MacBook Pro 2012 or Newer
  • Mac Mini 2012 or Newer
  • iMac 2012 or Newer
  • iMac Pro 2017

To run 10.15, we think the same macs are required. Because when high sierra was released it doesn’t have any changes or radical requirements as compared to sierra. We don’t think that 10.15 will either require any other requirements.

What We Expect or Want To See In MacOS 10.15

Apple is working on a new apps feature. The feature is that you will be able to port apps from your iPhone into your mac. It is its first debut in macOS Mojave and ios 12. The developers will expand this feature in ios 13 and new macOS. Apple ported several apps to test this feature which includes home, stocks, and Voice Memos into macOS in macOS Mojave. So we will expect that Apple will bring this feature to macOS by which we can port our important apps to macs.

Apple Application Port

Also, Apple will bring new apps to the mac in 2019, but expected more and would like to see a lot more in the next update.

We really don’t know what Apple will bring in the next macOS update but as rumors, we can say that Apple is changing our lives and making it easier to live.

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