What’s New In IOS 13? All You Want to Know

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So Apple has introduced the ios 13 feature at their website https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-13-preview/. The IOS 13 will provide some major features and security updates. The new bold look, major updates to the applications, and other system improvements will make your iPhone faster and satisfying to use. So I am going to introduce every feature of IOS 13 deeply. For more information, you can visit Apple’s official website. The first and very demanding feature is “Dark mode”.

Dark Mode:

The dark mode option will be available in Control Center in IOS 13. It is designed to give dramatic look to iPhone users. Every app will be automatically customized according to Dark mode. It will look like this

dark mode
Original Source – https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-13-preview/

So in this photo, you can see that the bottom color of the camera app is black and it looks awesome. Also, there is a music app that has a black menu and a black Music player. It looks awesome. The music app will rock us all. The Message app also has black look. The background is black, the keyboard is black and emoji menu as well as black too. So, the IOS 13 will bring the awesome Dark mode iPhone has ever had.

Photos And Camera

The Appearance of the photos app and the camera app has been changed in IOS 13. In-Camera app, there are new features or effects such as Portrait Lighting and High-key mono. In Portrait Lighting mode, you can adjust the intensity of light and high-key mono is a new monochromatic effect that you can apply to your photos.

High-Key Mono Effect
Original source by Apple
Portrait Lighting Control
Original source by Apple

With these Photo app features, you will get new photo editing and powerful video editing feature. Now you can use every tool or effect on video that was used on Photos. In IOS 13, the appearance of Photos has been changed.

Privacy and Security

Apple will introduce a New security app in IOS 13 which is call BIRD. It will work as an App locker on iPhone(as I think). You can lock your app with BIRD application security and you will need an ID and password to open apps on iPhone. So it will be nice if we can lock apps in iPhone which meant to be private or has secret data.

BIRD Securirty App In IOS 13
Photo is taken from Apple official website

As you can see in the photo that in the BIRD application you need an Email and password to sign in. So this is pretty awesome that Apple is launching such type of features. Also, IOS 13 will bring new security features to camera storage.


In IOS 13, you will explore cities with 3D experience which lets you pan around 360 degrees in the Maps. Maps will provide more details about locations around you. For more information about maps, you can check Apple’s official website.


IOS 13 will bring a new Siri voice that uses advanced Neural text-to-speech technology. But you have to wait to listen to Siri’s voice until IOS 13 becomes publically available. Siri works with apps in more powerful ways with built-in shortcuts apps. Also, Siri will learn the voices of family members using HomePod. Siri will now read incoming messages.

Audio Sharing with AirPods

The main and best feature of IOS 13 is that you can connect or Pair two AirPods with a single iPhone. You can enjoy songs or movies with a friend over a single iPhone.

Audio Sharing with AirPods
Original content from Apple website: https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-13-preview/

Memoji and Messages and Much more

New memoji styles will be available in IOS 13. You can make Memoji one in a trillion with new headwear, makeup, and hairstyles. After creating memoji, it will automatically become a sticker pack that will available on your keyboard. You will able to use these stickers in Message, Email, and 3rd party apps. There are many features in IOS 13 that will become available after a public update. For more details, you can visit Apple official website https://www.apple.com/ios/ios-13-preview/

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